Satellite Tracking

It’s much easier to find satellites when you know when and where to look! It also helps to be somewhere really dark.
If its dark where you live, you can clearly see the International Space Station and Hubble Telescope when it flys over – without binoculars. Here is where they are now.

Here are the sites and apps I use:

N2YO Realtime Satellite Tracking: Choose a Satellite to Track Satellite Flyover Schedule: King of Prussia, PA – Tallahassee – Search

Heavens Above – King of Prussia PA

Be alerted on your iPhone, iPod or Android when there are Satellite Flybys

Did you want to see a falling star but don’t have the patience? The next best thing is watching Iridium Flares. In DAYLIGHT! This app tells you the exact time they’ll take place and where to look in the sky.  (Android –  search Google Play)

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