Apple’s original Mac can fetch $1,598 on eBay

By | 2014-01-23

Calling all Drexel grads and attendees who started in the mid 80’s… For that matter, ANYONE who has one of these classic Macintosh computers.

It’s a perfect storm for selling old Mac’s! Who wants a 30 year old 128K Macintosh, even without a hard disk? Apparently they are all the rage in some circles! I am a recovering packrat so, unfortunately, I donated mine to a round file a few years ago during a downsizing/ phase.

Funny thing is I checked it out first. I popped in one of my many single sided 3-1/2″ disks and it made that familiar sound like it was eating. After all these years, I could still open up my old macroeconomics Multiplan spreadsheets, my old EE labs in Write, TurboPascal programs and the Fortran dumps I saved when I was connecting to the Temple mainframe using a 300 baud acoustical modem. I’m pretty sure I was the only student there who could at the time. (Mental note: DON’T HIT LIST ALL!) It was funny at the time.

Needless to say, Lode Runner was fully functional too! I used to have to give a neighbor in the dorms my keyboard so i could study. Man that game was addictive. It’s available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone now.

Let me know if you capitalize on the eBay deal. Click the Mac to get to the CNet article.

Drexel EE, circa ’84 / Temple grad.

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