I am Definitely Seeing a Trend. Everything is in 3D.

By | 2013-12-13

examples_senseIf you had the ability to scan and print in 3D, what would you make first? What would you make a thousand of so you could make a business out of it? This is like large format printing when ink jet plotters became available years ago.

The Sense 3D scanner from Cubify. Yet another 3D thing that caught my attention this week.


Where’s the wireless 3D camera that lets us display our 3D selves remotely? I haven’t looked for it yet, so it may be right in front of me. Right, it was years ago. The HTC Evo 3D. It just needed a little more speed to get the 3D stream through the air…

It’s like Wonka Vision, only full size hopefully this time around.

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