Soylent Anyone? It’s Green, Environmentally Speaking.

By | 2013-12-10

Soylent hits its 1.0 formula, nears release | Ars Technica

I just may have to get some of this new Soylent food alternative.

Here’s what they have to say:

What if you never had to worry about food again?

For many people, on many occasions, food is a hassle, especially when trying to eat well. Suppose we had a default meal that was the nutritional equivalent of water: cheap, healthy, convenient and ubiquitous. Soylent will be personalized for different body types and customizable based on individual goals. It allows one to enjoy the health benefits of a well balanced diet with less effort and cost.

They’re saying it may eliminate world hunger. Just add water.

At a minimum, it can save one a lot of time. Time otherwise spent shopping for food, preparing it, eating, and cleaning up afterward. That plus the relatively non-minor benefits of a cost effective well balanced diet – with no effort. Hmmm.

Check out Soylent

Technically, Soylent is ‘green’ in that it will let you be more environmentally friendly. On that note, I’m Googling for the movie. My PEOPLE haven’t seen that one yet.

Ha! The one I found was a recording of the segment being played on somebody’s smartphone!

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