Sartori Merlot Bellavitano Cheese – on the Counter at Talluto’s in the Italian Market

By | 2013-11-15

Since I moved back to Philly, it’s become habit to drive down to the Italian Market to get some fresh pasta for dinner.  Talluto’s is the destination after a walk around food galore.

There is always have a bowl of cheese cubes on the counter at Talluto’s. For months I’ve thought it was a strong provolone. I decided to pick up a slab last time after someone said it might be parmesan. I just had to know. Turns out it isn’t either.

If you’re a cheese lover, do yourself a favor and find some Sartori Merlot Bellavitano. It is to die for. I thought Drunken Goat Cheese was great. This is an order of magnitude better – in my opinion anyway.

Fortunately Talluto’s has a place only a couple of miles from here in Norristown, but that’s not a ‘grand adventure destination’ like the Italian Market. It’ll do in a pinch though. I just noticed their pasta is sold at Acme, but I prefer fresh cut Capellini (angel hair). It only takes 60 seconds to cook when it’s fresh.

They cut it for you on the spot in their store. Capellini, Spaghettini, Linguine, Fettuccine or even whole pasta sheets. How ever much you want. On occasion I make my own from scratch. Flour and eggs on the counter. No bowl like they show here. That’s ridiculous.  I’m pretty sure it is faster to drive into the city to get some than to make it myself, so that’s probably the plan going forward. Their sauce and mini meatballs are really good too. You should try some. They also make fresh mozzarella daily and even have smoked flavor.

I almost forgot, there is A LOT of flour in the wrapper, so be careful when opening it up and pouring it in. I had flour all over the stove the first time I made it. I shake it out first now.


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