HootSuite Hootlet for Chrome – a great time saver for the social crowd

By | 2013-10-09

Being the happy Hootsuiter, I installed Hootlet for Chrome when it first became available. Like most Chrome plug-ins, extensions and apps, it quietly sat there taking up screen space without ever being used.

Until now that is. Hootsuite just popped up a video while I was logging in that opened my eyes wide!

While you’re using Chrome to browse, Hootlet makes it SIMPLE to share web pages, links, selected text or quotes and images. We all know how much I like to share so I’m all about this!

By combining Share as Image with Hootlet’s right click Share Image option, I can quickly create, colorize and then post images of quotes that I find meaningful. The ‘Share as Images’ tend to be cleaner to look at than typed words.

Here’s the video. Take a look if you’re into SNS (Social Network Systems aka Social Media)


If you are scratching your head thinking, ‘What in the world is HootSuite?’, HootSuite is a browser-based app that helps the SNS adept folks like myself to post updates to multiple systems at the same time. Because the demographics of each SNS tend to differ, each has different ‘optimal’ posting times. Posting then will increase the likelihood of posts being seen. HootSuite handles that for you automatically. It also provides the ability to monitor posts, tweets, updates, videos, slideshows, RSS feeds and other data sources for things you want to be aware of and makes it easy to share them.

HootSuite is free unless you want extra features – like posting to more than a few different networks. I know you’re wondering, of course I pay for the extras! It saves me a lot of time since I satisfy my hunger for information via social media feeds in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, RSS feeds from my customers and my vendors press releases and blogs. You get the idea. Check out the video if you’re interested.

By the way, save yourself the time. I checked out a few alternatives and HootSuite was the most capable. That may change in the future but for now…

Chrome will become my official browser as soon as a single feature becomes available. I won’t bore you with details but I don’t keep any bookmarks or history there yet. That’s all in Safari for now.

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