Optimize and mobilize your business process – from initial consult to use – in 90 days

By | 2013-08-13

Pertaining to using knowledge to develop wisdom via new tools, take a look at Mobile Epiphany. They deliver interactive mobility solutions that truly are an epiphany. While most mobility solutions simply offer data collection capability via eForms, Mobile Epiphany takes a holistic more approach.

They define the individual processes at a granular level using a toolset they developed specifically for the task. Then they create step by step processes based on best practices and real world use case scenarios. Only after this do they transform those processes into automated systems and apps, including step by step video tutorials as needed.Here’s the abbreviated version : When it comes to technology solutions, I’m nearly impossible to impress. The CEO of Mobile Epiphany did just that. I highly recommend considering them for your mobility projects.

Take a look at this short video, seriously. http://bit.ly/17RoEcI

Available from Sprint. Reach out to me in ‘About’ if you want to know more.


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